Master Chasse knows and understands my children for who they are

I have brought all three of my boys to train at Hansoo TKD over the past 9 years. Week after week, year after year the children want to keep coming. They get a sense of pride, satisfaction, and challenge all at the same time by training here. Their maturity I feel is far beyond their peers, influenced by the discipline and sense of self that Hansoo gives them. I have seen Master Chasse get things from my 6 year old children I would never have expected; attention, interest, and even focus! I am very glad my wife and I made this as a part of their lives. What other teacher can be with a child from 1st grade through high school? I have seen something special and unique about the bond that M. Chasse forms with them. That relationship goes deeper than any coach or any school teacher. He personally takes an interest in each child’s development, and gives each child something individual for their personal growth. M. Chasse knows and understands my children for who they are. My children get far more than physical activity here; Hansoo is a place where my children can grow and mature as a person.