Summer Taekwondo Training – Flexibility – Kicking

Training Taekwondo in the Summer months can be a challenge for various reasons, but it also offers additional opportunities for children and adults to practice more diligently thus improving their proficiency as Taekwondo practitioners. School’s out, summer camps, vacations, downtime, increased daytime activity in the heat, all lead to the summer challenges of getting to class. The hot summer air coupled with humidity in most areas, provides the body with a natural warming effect which aids in flexibility. Improving flexibility through daily stretching will help a Taekwondo practitioner become a better kicker through more fluid body movements. Though flexibility alone does not automatically improve one’s kicking ability, coupling it with continuous daily practice can improve your kicking skills dramatically in as little as a two months. Training in early morning hours outdoors, when on vacation, in the woods or on a beach, gives a very different feel to forms/poomse practice and to other aspects of training. Outdoor meditation can also add to the benefit.

In martial arts, commitment and continuous dedication to training is what makes martial arts so unique and is what derives and builds the wonderful character traits and that are at the core of a martial artist. We train throughout the year. Each season is a time of new growth and learning as a student. Do some practice out of the dojang in nature this summer and notice the difference and also the fulfillment that comes with it!


Master Andrew Chasse

Hansoo Taekwondo Academy

“Do not follow where the path my lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Breaking Competition: May 2019

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