Taekwondo for Autism

Happy board breakingOur specialized TKD for Autism Spectrum Disorders program has been empowering children on the Autism spectrum for over 12 years with incredible results! Through our unique approach to relating to each student individually, these specialized classes are geared towards the specific learning style of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Visuals, timers, social stories, and TAG teaching are some of the techniques that are incorporated into the classes along with the methodology of Taekwondo teaching. Peer models are used to encourage children and model techniques associated with Taekwondo. As children become successful, they begin to attend integrated classes that are run like traditional Taekwondo classes with the goal in mind to attend regular classes. This approach has allowed the children to learn the art of Taekwondo in a comfortable setting that encourages them to challenge themselves and find self-fulfillment and confidence while not overwhelming them.

Come be a part of a fun, healthy and constructive physical activity that incorporates aspects of the martial art of Taekwondo. The program mission is designed to offer autistic children the opportunity to:

  • Curb impulsive behavior
  • Learn ways to focus on individual tasks
  • Build gross motor skills
  • Establish positive social integration
  • Improve levels of listening skills

The program has achieved overwhelming success with its participants and hopes to broaden its offerings to additional participants and communities in the future.

Black Belt Taekwondo

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What students say about our ASD program

The TKD for ASD program has had an extremely positive impact on my son

Over the 18 months my son has participated in the program, not only has his strength and overall physical condition significantly improved, his tactile sensitivity has diminished (he can tolerate his feet being bare), and some of his repetitive behaviors have diminished as well. The structured progression of TKD really appeals to his need for order and the mental challenges are exciting for him to master. The desire to live up to Master Chasse’s expectations have also led to improved focus on school work. I’m very glad to have this added positive influence as my son enters the critical middle school years. The travel from out of town to participate in this great program is well worth it.

Joan S.
Student's age: 12 years old
Currently training

*The testimonials listed and presented here are actual testimonials written by students and un-altered in any way. They are not contrived or made up for marketing purposes.