What is Taekwondo

Taekwondo is the traditional Korean martial art which translates as the “art” or “way” of foot and fist fighting. Even though its translation refers to a fighting art, Taekwondo training offers a myriad of benefits to its practitioners. Through introduction to habits of fitness and gross motor skills, students evolve mentally and physically through traditional, yet progressive training methods. As students begin to grasp the forms, self- defense and kicking and punching techniques, they improve in areas of coordination, fitness, focus, self-control and self confidence. Each individual becomes involved in their own personal process of development – inevitably, the beginning path of the martial artist.

Fitness and Taekwondo

Fitness can be more fun than you imagined and Taekwondo martial arts is one of the best ways to build all-round fitness while developing your motor skill such as agility, coordination and balance. Not only do you build confidence, focus and self-esteem, but you will learn to protect yourself too. No one is too young or old, too small or too big to start feeling good about themselves, and Hansoo Taekwondo has programs for everyone.

Why Martial Arts and NOT sports?

Taekwondo is a very different unique type of physical activity. It is not just physical strength or speed or winning. It is involves a much deeper component of mind. Even in the formulation of a young child’s brain, there is a sponge like ability to learn, understand and establish opinions, creativity and imagination. Children are driven by stories, what they see and may also feel that the winning ways of common sports is what life is all about. Unfortunately that is incorrect. It is different than sports in that it develops the person as an individual rather than a team. Life is not about a championship or shiny trophy. There is an expansiveness of the mind and when the introduction of essential life lessons and values is presented to them in a realistic way, there is learning and knowledge in preparation for the entry into life. As a young athlete I found coaches, but more often than not, mentor or leader. Having the true gift of training with an incredible wisdom-filled role model, Master Sang H. Kim, I learned that the joining of mind and body goes beyond winning games, championships or tournaments. The game is life and the challenge is our attitude and approach to our daily challenges an. Training Taekwondo can bring a student life lessons and tools for life. The Taekwondo journey is one that surpasses sports when the spikes, balls, gloves and trophies are stored away and a young adult needs to face the world with confidence, courage and good judgment.

Why Martial Arts AND sports?

The leadership qualities developed in Taekwondo training often results in practitioners being leaders and sometimes captains of their sports teams. The acquired and improved levels of balance, coordination, speed and power are the physical benefits and focus, patience, diligence and confidence are the mental benefits

What students say

At Hansoo TaeKwonDo I am part of a community

Taekwondo has taught me many things. It has taught me to be healthy, serious, and most of all respectful. Daily training has made me active and prepared. Not only that, at Hansoo TaeKwonDo, I feel as if I am part of a community, or something bigger. And I am.

Jay S.
11 years old, Taekwondo black belt • Voracious reader • Basketball & chess player • Pokemon & Minecraft fan • Budding programmer and a kid
Currently training over 6½ years

I was extremely lucky to be taught by Master Chasse

Having Master Chasse as an instructor is a great and hard working experience. I have had the opportunity to have two classes where I worked one on one class with Master Chasse. I was extremely lucky to be taught with him by myself. He is an inspirational person who helps people with problems they may not be able to fix alone. Master Chasse quickly analyzes people’s troubles and helps them improve. For instance he has helped me improve my posture, attitude, good manners and overall level of skill. Master Chasse’s guidance can help you recognize noticeable improvements in form and technique. People can always look up to Master Chasse for help and inspiration.

Thomas P.
Age 12
Currently training for over 7½ years

I have benefited tremendously

As an adult over 40 with a learning disability, I have benefited tremendously from my experience at Hansoo Taekwondo Academy. Starting to learn something new in an environment where traditional learning aids, such as note taking, are not allowed required me to exercise my mental capabilities far more than I ever expected. I’m now finding my ability to recall information improve at work and at home as well. As expected, my physical strength and flexibility has also increased as training has advanced.

Kim S.
Currently training over 2 years

I have become more disciplined and patient

Master Chasse is a passionate instructor who is very involved with his students and has a dynamic way of teaching the art of Taekwondo. Over the course of my training at Hansoo Taekwondo, I have become a more disciplined and patient student. These attributes have helped me in school by allowing me to concentrate and to assist other students. I choose to train at Hansoo Taekwondo Academy because of Master Chasse’s dedication to his teaching of the art of Taekwondo. Making this decision to train with Master Chasse has been one of the best choices of my life.

David W.
15 years old
Currently training over 10 years

Master Chasse is very knowledgeable

I could not imagine how different of a person I would be had I not started taking Taekwondo. The difference in my discipline, attention span, respect, and self control was extremely apparent. Hansoo Taekwondo has also moved me to improve myself constantly and in any situation. Master Chasse is very knowledgeable and has been a role model to me ever since I was a white belt.

Austin J.
17 years old
Currently training over 10 years

HanSoo Taekwondo has been our home for over 10 years

We’ve been so lucky to be able to have trained together as a family of 4 – training together allows us to keep each other committed. The school is great for adults, teens, and children.

The TKD for ASD program which I have assisted in has grown so much in the past 6 years, and it is exceptional! It has helped me improve as a student and I’ve been able to share my knowledge with others as I learn from them. I never stop learning.

Holly J.
52 years old
Currently training over 10 years

I am grateful to have had the support and influence of Master Chasse

Hansoo Tae Kwon Do has given me the opportunity to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally since the age of 6. Now entering my senior year in college, I am grateful to have had the support and influence of Master Chasse as well as the camaraderie of my peers at Hansoo. I have grown to be a much more self-confident and focused person thanks to the dedication and perseverance required of me during my training.

Makenna S.
21 years old
Currently training over 15 years, enrolled as Special Needs Program Major in University

I come in to every class with a smile on my face

Seven years ago I was interested in learning martial arts. I chose Hansoo Taekwondo because it was not only about advancing to new belts; it was about developing as a person. I soon became part of a community that tested my physical strengths and helped me believe in myself. Taekwondo gave me the courage to raise my hand in class and challenge myself on the soccer field. I learned the qualities of bravery, respect, and humbleness. I come in to every class with a smile on my face because I know that I will either learn something new or teach a skill. As well as learning Taekwondo techniques, I have also matured as a person.

Hannah R.
13 years old
Currently training over 5 years

Taekwondo has made me much more athletic

Over my time in Taekwondo, I have grown in several ways. One is physically. Over 9 years, of course I’m going to grow, but Taekwondo has made me much more athletic than I would have been otherwise. I have also become much more mature and in my view of Taekwondo as well as in school and social relations. Taekwondo has also become more important as a part of my life rather than as an extra activity. This has caused me to take other things, like school, as seriously as I take Taekwondo. I don’t know where I’d be now without Taekwondo.

Logan P.
14 years old
Currently training over 9 years

Master Chasse has humor in his classes

This makes it interesting and helps engage me in the class. He also applies the techniques we learn in class to real life situations.

Nathaniel P.
10 years old
Currently training over 6 years

Training under Master Chasse has excelled and pushed my growth

Training for 9 years have given me the responsibility of someone of a much greater age. By putting me in situations where I am either not comfortable in or where I need to be more mature and responsible, I have grown through training. Master Chasse has helped with this change by slowly edging me in to these new situations. His guidance has brought me from an immature 7 year old to a mature and responsible young adult. Training under Master Chasse has excelled and pushed my growth into a young adult.

Jason P.
17 years old
Currently training over 9 years

Master Chasse knows and understands my children for who they are

I have brought all three of my boys to train at Hansoo TKD over the past 9 years. Week after week, year after year the children want to keep coming. They get a sense of pride, satisfaction, and challenge all at the same time by training here. Their maturity I feel is far beyond their peers, influenced by the discipline and sense of self that Hansoo gives them. I have seen Master Chasse get things from my 6 year old children I would never have expected; attention, interest, and even focus! I am very glad my wife and I made this as a part of their lives. What other teacher can be with a child from 1st grade through high school? I have seen something special and unique about the bond that M. Chasse forms with them. That relationship goes deeper than any coach or any school teacher. He personally takes an interest in each child’s development, and gives each child something individual for their personal growth. M. Chasse knows and understands my children for who they are. My children get far more than physical activity here; Hansoo is a place where my children can grow and mature as a person.


I have developed physically, mentally and emotionally

I did not think that as a 40 year old man with a professional career, wife and three kids I had much more growing to do; and I was so very wrong. I have developed physically, mentally and emotionally though Hansoo. I am stronger, more flexible, capable of things I would not have imaged. I can be intensely physical there, but also quiet and focused. Hansoo TKD is my calm place, my respite from the rest of he world, where my mind can be clear and peaceful.

*The testimonials listed and presented here are actual testimonials written by students and un-altered in any way. They are not contrived or made up for marketing purposes.